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Vignoble Dauny "Caillottes"

Vignoble Dauny "Caillottes"

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Region: Sancerre, Loire Valley, France


Tasting Notes:

Expressive bouquet of fruits and flowers including: peach, pear, melon and honeysuckle with subtle hints of roses. The bright acidity is perfectly balanced by the soft texture.

The Producer:

The Daunys are an ancient family of Sancerre, and records show that back in 1683 they were already cultivating vines in the region. They were early adopters of organic farming and in 1964 they converted the entire farm (their vines but also goats and cereals) to organic agriculture. Their small production is seldomly found outside of France, and Costa Rica is the only country outside of Europe where they can be enjoyed. Wait no more!

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