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Domaine Machard de Gramont "Les Beaumonts"

Domaine Machard de Gramont "Les Beaumonts"

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Region: Chorey-Les-Beaune, Burgundy, France
Alc: 13%

Tasting Notes:

An expressive bouquet of ripe cherries and dark chocolate with notes of toast and black pepper. Silky and delicate on the palate with an elegant and finish and persisting aromas.

The Producer:

This Domaine certainly is old-school Burgundy: its origins, its style of wines, its attachment to traditions... Arnaud Machard de Gramont and his two sons care for their small estate with skill and diligence. The winery is an old building that looks more like a medieval church than a fermenting room. The wines age in oak barrels in underground galleries with vaulted arcades. There is something sacred in Burgundy, and at Machard's you can't miss it.

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